Hello and Welcome to my very first blog. My name is Marc and the last thing I ever thought, would be that I could one day describe myself as a writer or a blogger. The fact that I dropped out of high school in eleventh grade to be a mechanic kind of supports that point. As I am sure you have realized by now, life has a tendency of pushing us towards our greatest purpose, even though we possess this sort of innate need to run as far away from that purpose as possible. I believe that when we are willing to stop and listen, the road to success or happiness becomes dangerously clear and that is what scares most of us away. We think that there is no way it could be that easy, success should be hard or so we have been told. To me, this is one of those moments. I am tired of the daily grind, spending my days at work giving my best hours to my clients and then coming home to give the left-overs to my wife. We need a change but to do that we first have to change something in our lives; so with that, here goes…

I grew up in a small northern Ontario village called Moonbeam. I am the oldest of six children, two boys followed by four girls and this year we are celebrating my parent’s fortieth wedding anniversary. Needless to say that family values run deep in my veins. As a kid, my days were spent outside imagining all kinds of adventures, playing some road hockey or giving my siblings a hard time…Life was simple. My mother has always been home with us and we owe a big part of who we are to that very important fact. By being present, she was able to instill in us some truly vital life skills that, then seemed very trivial but turned out to be a real blessing. My father worked in a paper mill as a millwright to support all of us and that is one of the things I respect the most about him. I am very grateful for the work ethic he has shown us simply by his steadfast example. As I grew older, I soon realized that I was really good with my hands so I was always in my dad’s shop disassembling things to see how they worked and then building something totally different with the parts. That curiosity has never left me and is to this day one of my main driving forces. Since then, my life has taken me in a hundred different directions; not all of which were always good, but it has brought me my beautiful wife, best friend and partner Tessa. Together we have had a lot of ups and downs, had to change province a few times to find some work, but as long as we stick together we always come out stronger.

For a long time now we have mulled over the idea of living a self-sufficient life. It has been in the back of our minds since we first moved from our small northern Ontario village to what we thought would be bigger and better things in the city. Don’t get us wrong, we do enjoy all the little conveniences of city living but we often find ourselves longing for the quiet evening breeze blowing through the tall trees. We know we have to do something but living in the city is expensive. If you don’t pay attention to your goals and dreams, you soon realize that you are ten years older and that everything in your life is in the same place it was when you started. To that point, we have recently decided to start the process of moving out of the city and start the journey to self-sufficient homesteading. Ahead of us lies a very long road filled with struggles and tough decisions but I know we are up for the challenge and will see this through. This blog’s purpose is to document our journey and hopefully help any of you out there who are considering taking on a similar adventure.

As you follow us along on this journey, you can expect to see new articles to come every three or four weeks while we start to get our feet wet but our goal is to eventually get to the point where we can write an article a week. We will bring you our unique Canadian perspective on all the different aspects of making this life-changing move and promise to keep it as informative and entertaining as possible. Now, we know a lot of great homesteading blogs out there that are providing a ton of really helpful information and you should definitely read some of them. However, If what you are looking for is an honest, no-nonsense approach to going off-grid, living a self-sufficient life and getting through the struggles of getting there, you are in the right place! We will take you through not only the hardships that we go through but also the thinking necessary to move past them and come out stronger on the other side. We will also share with you the skills we have picked up over the years and the new ones we will have to learn as we move along.

If you are thinking of taking the leap to self-sufficient living or even just looking to acquire a new skill, Welcome! This blog is written with you in mind. Just as you, we have a hunger for learning and a passion for sharing, so join us for a while and come back whenever you want.

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