Safe and Fun DIY Dog Toys for the Frugal Pet Owner

Get your dog engaged

I've been thinking...One of the joys of having a pet is spending countless hours in playtime.  It is very important for your dog's mental health and behaviour to have at his disposal a great arsenal of safe, fun and challenging toys.  The problem, however, is that you can easily end up in a situation where you are spending more on play time than on meal time.  DIY Dog Toys are a homemade solution that will often hit two or even three birds with one stone.

dangerous dog toyThe first advantage of making your own dog toys is that you know exactly what your dog is chewing on and can have complete peace of mind that he won't hurt himself.  A lot of  manufacturers make sensory appealing dog toys that, if you are not careful, could end up severely injuring your pup.  The lack of regulation and an increasing level of consumerism allows these companies to get away with what I am starting to find out is a blatant disregard for our animal's health and well-being.  We were recently gifted a commercial dog toy for Kai.  Being a true toy lover, Kai immediately started tearing into it and within half an hour had the thing torn apart.  We are very careful about leaving Kai with commercial toys so we caught this one in the nick of time but if we weren't paying attention, he could have easily swallowed a three-inch piece of wire that I am sure would have seen us rush to the vet clinic.

Second, DIY Dog Toys are usually a great way to clean out your closet.  How? Easy, simply by using up homemade t-shirt braidsome old, unwanted clothes.  All you need to do is go through your closet or chest drawers, find some clothes that you don't particularly like anymore and cut them up into various size strands of material.  Different materials will give you  a multitude of options as to what type toy you can make.  I love making t-shirt braids that Kai can chew on and play tug-o-war with.  They are super easy to make and usually require one or two shirts per toy.  You can also make some great toys by putting an empty water bottle into an old sock.  The options are endless.  There are a ton of ideas online but we have found a great resource on Amazon that you can buy by clicking here.

Finally, because you are now making your own toys, you are not only saving money but you are also getting to know what kind of toy engages your pet more as his personality comes through in play time.  Any time where you can strengthen the bond you have with your pup is a good time and I truly feel that DIY Dog Toys enhance that experience.  You have a better connection with your animal because you took the time and effort to make his toy and you get to discover it together.  As usual, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send us a comment.  It will be our pleasure to guide you as you make your first dog toy.

Thanks for reading!